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제목 JELLYFISH Entertainment Audition Notice (ver.English)
작성자 jellyaudition
작성일 2016-11-30
File Jellyfish Entertainment Audition Application.doc

Jellyfish Entertainment Audition Notice



JELLYFISH Entertainment is looking for talented and passionate baby fish!


Jellyfish Audition is always opened without any distinction of gender, age or nationality


and we welcome anyone who wants to participate .


We appreciate your utmost attention.







Vocal,  Dance, Rap, Acting, Model
uDate & Time  
24 / 7
uHow to apply
1) Download and attach the Jellyfish Audition Form.
2) Attach your photos
3) Attach mp3 file or video of you singing, rapping, dancing or acting.
* Those attached files are compulsory.
* We will individually notify the applicant who passes the 1st round.


E mail

Post  3-6,Eonju-ro 157-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (135-895) To the audition Manager